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Jerk Drives Straight Through A Flock Of Birds On The Road (Video)
Posted by Zach on February 21 2017

People can be cruel sometimes.  We laugh at peoples' pain and make fun of people for no reason all the time on this show.  But in this video, a driver decided to be cruel to a flock of defenseless birds.  Not cool.

In this video, two people are in a car simply driving down the road.  Up ahead in the distance, you can see a big flock of birds sitting in the middle of the road.  Logic tells you that one of two things will happen: One, the driver will slow down or two, the birds will fly away before the car gets there.  But you wold be wrong on both accounts.  

The car does not change speed at all as it gets closer to the birds that are still in the middle of the road.  As the car gets closer, some of the birds try to take flight.  Some are successful, but many are not.  The car slams into a bunch of birds, no doubt killing them instantly.  How inhumane, right?

They appear to think that there was nothing that they could do to stop in time.  Perhaps try using the brakes?  That's kind of what they’re there for!

Tags:  animalsawfulbirdsdeathdriverswtf
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