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Hockey Play-By-Play Guy Loses His Mind Over A Women's Hockey Game (Video)
Posted by Zach on December 13 2016

Announcers bring excitement to the play-by-play of all sporting events, whether it’s cricket or water polo and everything in between.  Soccer announcers are notorious for being the most eccentric out of all the other sports announcers.  But there is one announcer who can give them a run for their money.  

This guy was doing play-by-play for a women's hockey game between Boston University and Minnesota, when Boston won it in overtime.  Then this commentator literally lost his mind.  He was yelling so hard and so loud that he lost his voice.  Seriously bro, take a deep breath here so you don't die.  Not even soccer announcers lose their voice, let alone a women’s hockey announcer!  Relax.

Tags:  athletesawfulplay-by-playradiosports
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