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Generous Construction Workers Surprise Their New Neighbor Friend With Packers Tickets (Video)
Posted by Steve on December 07 2016

Rich Nowakowski of the Milwaukee area worked as a mailman for 33 years.  But he had to retire after he had a stroke a few years ago.  His wife says he's always loved people, but has trouble talking now.  He can say a few things fine, but he's pretty limited.  So it's been tough.  

Rich recently made friends with a construction crew that's been working on a big apartment complex across the street from him.  He shouts stuff like "good job" while he watches them from his porch.  So they joke that he's like their unofficial boss.  And the crew did something pretty great for him. 

Nowakowski is a huge Green Bay Packers fan, so a bunch of the guys pooled their money together last month, went to his house on their lunch break and surprised him with two tickets so he could go see a game for the first time in about 20 years.  Rich and his son went this past Sunday, and the Packers beat the Texans 21 to 13. 

His wife says the gesture was way more important than seeing them win.  And he's been in a great mood since then.

The workers also gave him a bunch of Packers gear and still had $400 left over.  So they decided to give him a little extra spending money for Christmas too.  Pretty awesome, right?!

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