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Dead Body On Gurney Falls From The Back Of Coroner's Van, Comes To Rest In An Intersection (Video)
Posted by Steve on August 09 2017

On your drive today, you will most likely see something dead lying in the road…raccoons, birds, rabbits…There’s a great chance that if it’s in the road, it’s dead.  In Olympia, Washington, a dead thing was seen in the middle of the road, but you won't believe what it was.

While driving down the road, a coroner van's back door opened and spilled two gurneys on to the busy road.  One gurney was empty, while the other contained a the body of a person who had recently died.  Yes, a dead person strapped to a gurney was thrown from the van and came to rest smack in the middle of an intersection!  

It goes without saying that people lost their damn minds and it's safe to say that you are definitely having a better day than all of the people involved in this story.

Tags:  awfuldeathterriblewtf
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