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Cute Kid On Jumbo-Tron Steals The Show At A Hockey Game (Video)
Posted by Zach on December 20 2016

Kids can bring a special kind of cuteness into our lives, whether it’s a simple moment of them taking a nap or a picture of them with spaghetti all over their faces.  The kid in the video below not only brightened up his parent's lives, but also the lives of everyone in a hockey arena!  

Two-year-old Mason was at a Red Wings in Detroit with his family and every time the roving cameras put him up on the big screen, BOOM!  The whole place exploded with applause!  But when the camera would switch to someone else, the whole building erupted with boos until Mason was back up on the screen.  Then the place would explode again!  

Mason was so impactful during the night that he was named the honorary first star of the game.  This will be a game that he will never forget.

Tags:  adorableawwcheeringcutefanskidslaughingsportsstadium
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