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Check Out The Crazy Helmet Cam Footage Of A Motorcycle Accident (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on January 25 2017

That awkward moment when road rage ends in road rash

We've all seen it…people driving like douchebags in front of bikers, or bikers driving like they're on a rampage. Well in this video, we get both. First, we see the motorcyclist, Seth Diekman, entering the freeway (which is stressful for anyone) when the driver of a car, Jason Thomas, whizzed by. Diekman gave Thomas the finger and sped up to catch him.  At that point, in true road rage fashion, Thomas brake-checked Diekman, causing his bike to smack into the back of the car. The bike went straight to the ground but Diekman held on to the back of Thomas' car for dear life until he stopped. In pain and shock, Diekman's video ends with him moaning and repeatedly saying "You motherf***er!”

We feel that both of these drivers should probably go back to driver's training…or at least anger management.

Tags:  accidentcrashcrazymotorcycle
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