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Check Out How Close This Cruise Ship Came To This Florida Couple's Home! (Video)
Posted by Zach on March 10 2017

Cruise ships are some of the biggest things on earth.  They make the average pontoon boat look like a jet ski!  So it’s not a surprise that this cruise ship made a couple of homeowners a bit uneasy when they got a little too close to their home.

Last week, the Celebrity Equinox cruise ship got up close and personal with Yasmine Todhunter home, which sits right on sits on the water’s edge in Fort Lauderdale.  In the video, you can see Todhunter’s husband run out on to their dock to try and wave down the cruise ship, as if the person piloting the craft somehow didn’t see that they were about to run aground!

Todhunter and her husband have lived in the house for seven years and say that they have never seen a cruise ship come that close.  Celebrity officials released a statement saying that the ship was in all the proper channels and that it was doing nothing wrong.  Sure looks a bit too close to us!

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