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California Residents Use X-Rated Graffiti To Point Out Bad Potholes To Township (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on April 17 2017

Placerville's potholes have a penis problem.

Residents of Placerville, California, are so fed up with the excessive potholes, they've decided to take to the streets with spray paint.  "The potholes has been here for a long time, but the penis, that was just put there last night," said resident, Virginia Gabac.  Phallic symbols and the phrase "What are taxes for?" cover the streets to try and draw attention to all the junk in the road. 

Apparently the residents feel they are being penalized for being poor, as it is a lower-income area affected by the holes.  The city has since sent people to clear the graffiti but no action or comments have been made when it comes to the potholes. 

Keep up the good work Placerville. We salute you! 

Source: Fox 40 Sacramento
Tags:  funnygraffitinewsroadsweird news
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