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Billy Bob Thornton On Bad Santa 2, Blumpkins And The Bald Truth (Video)
Posted by Steve on November 28 2016
Photo Credit: Miramax

This morning on the show, Billy Bob Thornton called in to promote his latest project, the highly-anticipated Bad Santa 2, which is now in theaters!  As always, Billy Bob was awesome and told some really funny stories during his time with us.

Billy Bob talked about how strange it was seeing "the kid" (actor Brett Kelly who plays Thurman Merman) drinking a beer when they met for lunch before shooting began, since Kelly was only about 9 years old when the first Bad Santa was filmed.  He also told a funny story about a woman who basically told him that Bad Santa was the fall of civilization as we know it.  We wrapped up the interview with a round of The Bald Truth.

If you missed any of the interview, you can listen to the whole thing below! 
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