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BBC Reporter Tries To Explain The Sex That Isn't (It Is) Happening Behind Him (Video)
Posted by Clown Hair Wet Hands on August 22 2016

Olympic coverage has been everywhere recently, interrupting our daily lives at every moment, so it’s nice to see someone finally interrupting Olympic coverage!

During a recent report by a BBC Sports reporter, coverage was interrupted by what appeared to be two individuals engaging in some heavy PDA in the background. Of course, the internet decided to point it out right away. This eventually caused an interruption of the broadcast, where the reporter had to clarify that the couple was just reading a book...in a weird position.  Right.

If that’s how couples read books in Rio, then we expect couples everywhere to suddenly become avid readers overnight after this great revelation! Future reporters beware of this dirty book reading broadcast photo-bombing!

Tags:  funnynewsreportersextelevision
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