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Alarm Malfunction Causes Massive Foam Spill, Blocking Roads At San Jose Airport (Video)
Posted by Steve on November 21 2016
On Friday, a malfunction with the fire suppression system at a hanger at San Jose International Airport caused a flood of foam to overtake the hanger, as well as surrounding streets.  At its highest point, the foam was ten feet high and was oozing out of the windows and vents in the hanger.  

As disasters go, this one is pretty mild.  The foam now has to be cleaned up before getting into the local water system because, even though it looks harmless, the foam is used to put out fires and contains some harmful chemicals.  The company that runs the hanger is now responsible for the cleanup.

The only way that this story could be more fun is if Shepard Smith of Fox News did some play-by-play.  What's that?  He did?!  Oh happy day!

Tags:  accidentairplanesairportcrazywtf
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