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Adult Store Employees Use Sex Toys To Fight Off Would-Be Robber (Video)
Posted by Zach on December 19 2016

Big Mike, Ricardo and Willy are all names that women (and maybe some men!) use to name their dildos.  But no one would call them a weapon, except maybe for the two women in this story.  

On Wednesday night around 9:45 PM, a would-be robber walked into an adult store called Lotions and Lace and showed a gun to the two female employees closing the store.  The women started to fight back, with one of them flinging the adult toys at the intruder.  The robber finally decided to  leave after the barrage of sex toys.

Who tries to rob an adult store? How bad of a robber are you that you try that?  A bank is understandable, but a sex store?  Come on man.  Step it up!

Tags:  crazycrimepolicerobberysexwtf
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