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A Member Of Canadian Parliament Lectured Over Her Use Of The Word 'Fart' (Video)
Posted by Zach on November 22 2016
Letting one rip.  Passing gas.  Breaking wind.  The one cheek sneak.  No matter what term you use, it usually comes with some laughs or some clearing of the room.  In the Canadian Parliament, however, the word fart is seen as un-parliamentary. 

In the video below, a member of Parliament was ranting about getting jobs in Alberta, when she said the word "fart" to make a point.  Another member responded, and gave the first member an opportunity to strike the F-word from her statement!  The response of the politician was hilarious!  Honestly, you have to watch this video.  And just remember this video next time you decide to blast the pants canon.
Tags:  fartfunnygovernmentpoliticswtf
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