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103-Year-Old Woman Reveals That Beer Is The Secret To A Long Life (Video)
Posted by Steve on August 17 2016
Finally, we know the secret to living a long, LONG life!  Beer!  That might be the greatest news ever, and it was delivered to us by an adorable, 103-year-old woman named Mildred Bowers (of course her name is Mildred!).

Recently, Mildred asked the nurses at the assisted living facility if she could have a beer and they said, "Why not?!"  So every day at 4PM, she's served up a pint and downs it with no problem.  After all, if doctors and nurses say it's OK, you can't argue with them!  

While Millie obviously isn't in the typical situation for a person of her age, it certainly gives us a little hope for our golden years!
Tags:  alcoholawesomeawwbeerhealthmedicalold people
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